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by hello mtn

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this is the digital version of the handmade cd that we are taking with us on tour this summer. it features three hello mtn songs plus a bonus cover written by our friend ryan vapes.


released August 18, 2011



all rights reserved


hello mtn Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Holy Basement
i've been staring at you for hours from this lonely lookout tower. i thought my eyes could burn a better hole inside your head. so i'll climb down my post again. seems i burned a hole in mine instead. i thought you would cure me. i thought you would do. even if no one ever hears this. even if my words float away. even if my sound won't make a signal. that's ok it's always been this way. holy basement. you think you could save me? put a shitty mattress on the window pane. cover up my tracks and the neighbors won't complain. i thought you would cure me. i thought you would do. so this one's just an offering to boxes of forgotten things. i can't give them away. i can't give them all away. so down here they will stay.
Track Name: Suitcase Song
how long will i be able to comfort you? and how long will i go for your unending praise and hold you until you fall asleep? so much space to fill. so much space to fail. and i can't feel anything. i get so scared when i believe that you're not the person that i need. because you just point at the disease but i got a good heart on my sleeve. you fall so easily. you fall so deep.
Track Name: Palace Stairs
tired eyes could kill you. another mile just another mile. you're running just as fast as you can go. but nothing waits, nothing will. you should know. the rain won't stop for you, but i'll lie in your wake. and you won't find another one fine as you'll find me. and i will be the quiet one hoping you find me. tides are climbing, water's rising oh so fast. dirty lips are sinking ships because they can. we're building stairs to palaces and shrines but seasons change their minds.
Track Name: What Next?
buy me a coke, i'll bum you a smoke. there goes that train passing again. run for your life, last chance tonight. you piss in the wind kid, you get soaked every time. with our backs to the wall at the older of the two old malls, skipping pennies, smoking dimes and acting cool. half the stores are gone, and i don't get what's left half as long. we both saw the maintenance man, with dynamite in his hands. run for it baby the whole thing's coming down. hold on tight and i won't let you burn. jump to me baby, the whole world's freaking out. are you thinking, what comes next? when life explodes like a battery of open chords, we are not safe in any town. so don't trust the face, that watches us along the gate. stay close to me, eyes on the ground. i've been running in my dreams. i still don't know what that means. and they catch me and they cut off all my hair. and the doors are watched by dead dogs. two of which are sleeping. two more showing teeth. i've been running in my dreams and i still don't know what that one means. and there's spelling errors all over my grave. well i guess i could go haunting for the man who carved my name. well i guess i'm kind of lucky. no dead dogs gonna catch me down here, the underground's gonna keep me just the same.